Our stand up mini petrol scooters are great fun for both older kids and adults as they can carry up to 100kg. They are powered by a 2 stroke 50cc engine that runs on a mixture of unleaded petrol and oil which is available from all petrol stations. The light weight makes them very nippy and they can reach speeds of up to 30km/h! These can also make a practical alternative mode of transport to a bike with the detachable seat fitted and 28-35 Km range per tank. These gas versions are recommended for ages 14+ but for younger children check out our electric scooters for kids.

We have a full range of electric mini scooters from 120W for kids, all the way up to 800W/1000W for teens and adults. Powered by an electric motor and high capacity battery the 120W versions reach speeds of up to 14km/h and the bigger 350W version goes up to 20km/h. A mini scooter can carry up to 70kg and they all come with a detachable seat so can be used standing up like a skateboard or sitting down like a bicycle. The 350W/500W can carry up to 100kg. Our bigger 800W and 1000W models can carry up to 120kg.

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