RC Radio Control Absima 1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4" 4WD RTR
RC Radio Control Absima 1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4" 4WD RTR
RC Radio Control Absima 1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4" 4WD RTR
RC Radio Control Absima 1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4" 4WD RTR
RC Radio Control Absima 1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4" 4WD RTR

RC Radio Control Absima 1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4" 4WD RTR

Product code: 12222
Item No : 12222

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Product information

Fast and powerful, the new Hotshot 3.4 series is equipped with a powerful brushed electric motor, with heat sink, and waterproof electronic speed controller (ESC). Ready to run out of the box (EU & UK version including plug charger and battery). Shaft driven 4WD provides you with the necessary traction to maneuver the toughest obstacles and the forward/reverse ESC is beneficial in navigating tight spots. Lightweight plastic chassis, four oil filled adjustable coil over shocks, and independent suspension offer rock solid performance. Fear not! A 2.4GHz radio system and waterproof electronics ensure control, for those who dare to unleash the power.


  • 40A Brushed Waterproof Speed Controller
  • Powerfull 15T Motor with 32.000RPM
  • 2.4GHz Radio System



  • Waterproof 40A brushed ESC
  • Select between NiMH and LiPo battery
  • Ball bearing transmission
  • Oil filled adjustable shocks
  • Gear differential front/rear
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • Complete covered transmission
  • Adjustable turnbuckles & wishbones
  • Motor heat sink
  • Aero disc racing wheels
  • Full printed body
  • 2.4GHz radio System 
  • Sticker sheet for a unique design
  • Performance hop ups available!



  • Motor Type: 15T 540 Brushed Motor
  • Transmission: Forward, Brake & Reverse
  • Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive
  • Wheelbase: 270mm
  • Ground Clearance: 35mm
  • Measure (L/W/H): 380x255x155 mm
  • Weight: 1410g
  • Tire width: 33 mm front / 42 mm rear
  • Tire Ø ± 88 mm
  • Shock spring force: medium / Length: 85mm f/r
  • Differential oil viscosity: 3.000 front /1.000 rear
  • Shock oil viscosity: 400 f/r
  • Motor transmission: Pinion 23T / Gear 64T
  • Pinion module: 0.6



  • Speed Controller (2100002): NiMH (7.2V) & LiPo (7.4V/2S) suitable / Amps: 40A / BEC 5V/2A / Drive function: forwards/brake/reverse / Plug system: Tamiya
  • Servo (2030003): 4kg steering force / 25T outdrive
  • Motor (1230360): 15T / 32.000RPM / 16A / Size: 540
  • Radio (2000001): 2-channel radio / 3-channel receiver / reverse / dual rate / trimming



  • Buggy "AB3.4" RTR - brushed version
  • 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Manual
  • Sticker Sheet


  • Battery - Racing Pack NiMH or LiPo (up to 30C)
  • Charger
  • 4x AA Mignon Batteries for Radio

Further information

Brand Absima
Code 12222
Condition New
Weight 4kg


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