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We have a wide range of RC electric helicopters, from the 3 channel helicopters that are ideal for beginners, 4 channel models that good for the intermediate flyer through to the aerobatic 6 channel helicopters ideal for experienced fliers.

Three channel helicopters are the best for first time buyers. They are simple to control, inexpensive and can be used either indoors on calm days outdoors. They let the user learn the basics of flying a helicopter without the worry of learning to control a complex 6 channel model.

Four channel models utilise an extra channel on the transmitter to control the rotor head. This provides a lot of manoeuvrability compared to three channel models and as a result four channel models are far better outdoors.

Six channel helicopters offer the complete flying experience. They have servos controlling both main rotor blades and tail rotor blades. They are also equipped with brushless motor technology, so that they are very powerful. These types of helicopter are suited to the experienced flyer.