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  • 4 Channel RC Remote Control Aircraft Carrier

    4 Channel RC Remote Control Aircraft Carrier

    The 1:275 scale remote control Challenger aircraft carrier. This model has left, right, forward and reverse controls. It also has a safety feature whereby the boat must be in the water for the propeller to spin. It is constructed from tough injection moulded ABS material, the hull is very durable.
  • Radio Remote Control R/C Destroyer Battle Ship

    Radio Remote Control R/C Destroyer Battle Ship

    This 1:115 scale replica of an actual military destroyer, features a light-up radar tower, opposable gun turrets, and model helicopters to complete the illusion of a real warship. Put this destroyer in the water and blow the opposition out of the water.

Welcome to our range of radio control boats and hovercrafts. We cater for those looking to buy a small toy boat right through to those looking for a full-on racing powerboat. The range is constantly expanding, so expect more products to appear in the near future.

Our boats come with one of two types of motor 1) BRUSHED or 2) BRUSHLESS. The brushed motors are the standard motors and ideal for those not wanting a boat that is too fast nor too expensive. The brushless motor powered boats are high speed machines and as brushless motors are more expensive than standard brushed motors, so the prices are higher. but you will get a superb boat.

If you have any questions about our range, please do not hesitate to contact us.